New HDPC from MIU offers sleeker shell and Intel Atom-power

When it was introduced two years ago, the premise of the Hybrid Dual Portable Computer was simple: mobile OS up front, Windows XP below, and ugly all over. The most recent refresh was a big visual improvement, but MIU apparently isn't done, teasing another new version that looks far sleeker and packs an Intel Atom processor inside, though exactly which hasn't been revealed. Beyond that, this pocket-wunderkind offers the same bevy of features as before, obviating the need for a separate nav system, PMP, e-book reader, netbook, and even in-car rear-view camera monitor. It'll make phone calls too, and with GSM, GPRS, and CDMA connectivity, you're pretty well guaranteed to be able to check your mail anywhere. No information on price or availability just yet, but hopefully the former stays close to the current version's $500 and the latter extends to somewhere in North America.

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YouTube Continue Get Prosecution

May month can to say month the most busy for YouTube lawyer.Because many law prosecution to give to site video sharing the most famous it,is related with evade the law copyright althought video content is to consider insult.YouTube is a site video sharing is enable all people for send video file so that can to show site visitor.Actually beginning consept is video to publish form personal collection,but later many appear video is related with copyright.

This situation is make EPL prosecution YouTube because appear video hit England league match.On prosecution it to mentionYouTube already push evade the law copyright is result in lost commercial value from England league match.Prosecution is more or less same also do Viacom,giant television media is have MTV and Nickelodeon.Viacom tell about be found 160.000 clips is to publish in the YouTube and already to show 1.5 million people.Viacom also demand US$ 1 million.

Prosecution last more do by Thailand government.This time not about evade the law copyright,but some video content is illustrate insult about Thailand King,Bhumibol Adulyadej.On a video is to send executive not to know,to show picture King is side by side with foot.This situation belong to serious insult about selfesteem Thailand country,and this fact is push ministry Information and Communication Thailand give protest to YouTube.

Thailand famous firmly closed in the processing insult executive,like Swiss citizen is to prison 10 years only because tear picture Bhumipol King.Law prosecution about YouTube it can give imprisonment reach 15 years for YouTube leader.

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Commotion Google,Microsoft Buy Yahoo?

Rumor that Microsoft will buy Yahoo may be not true,but that Microsoft and Yahoo feel need make cooperative for dominate Google at market internet advertisement is true issue.Both of them yet continue discussion for decide cooperative type is can they to for sit at giant search engine it.Option is appear between is possibility that Microsoft will recognize side Yahoo fully or Yahoo will sell a part share’s to Microsoft.

It issue even have a chance make Yahoo share rise sharply,although more party mention the possibility small enough,remember fusion culture and technology between both of company mentioned will difficult.Other option is that both of them will fusion they advertisement network for make increase web traffic.Cooperative between Yahoo and Microsoft ready happen on fiture ‘Instant Messaging’.IM unit own Yahoo (Yahoo Messenger)can to use by customer Microsoft fiture Live Messenger, and on the contrary.

Whatever the type,cooperative Microsoft and Yahoo in internet advertisement certainly will create a strength is same,can make they defence about Google attack.Nielsen/NetRatings data March month indicate that 54% online search at AS are using Google,where as Yahoo only 22%.So Google market rise continue, Yahoo inclined constant, temporary while Microsoft down continue.

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GPS,Gudier and Tracer

Happening car robbery ever hit football player number one Brazil,Ronaldo.When it,Ronaldo exactly travel with BMW X5 car’s in a street on Rio de Jainero,Brazil.Suddenly a car block exact in the front’s.Then there robbers with using gun force Ronaldo to go down and bring flee BMW X5 is he new buy.Lucky,the car can to find in hour calculation on a street in the Rio de Jainero city because there GPS (Global Positioning System) in Ronaldo car.

In progrees country,GPS technology it certainly more to use at personal and corporate venicles for easily trace if happen something isn’t want like accident and lose.On beginning GPS technology for importance interest NavStar militery.Then on years 1980,American government permission it system to use for civilian.GPS can work in all wheather condition,wherever in all world slince.

GPS work with help GPS satellite.GPS satellite consist of 27 satellites (24 operating,3 for reserve) is place in the earth orbit by defence department AS.Satellite system it have heavy 800 kg with strech solar panel 5.7 meters,transit maximal power 50 watt.24 satellites is make it network orbit 19300 km high and a manner move constant,the orbit surround earth two time per day with fast 500 km/hour.Orbit from this satellites to make in such away so that whenever,wherever in the earth,on one location there 4 satellites is detection.

Power source GPS satellite using sun energy.Bedides it be found reserve battery for satellite can constant work when sun eclipse or when sun energy not stock.This satellite also with help small rocket is function as promotor for orbit satellite in street is exact.

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Museum Multimedia For Handphone

Know history can get if you always visit to museum.But,not many people like to go to place it.Maybe many is more select visit mal than to place save history materials.But now musn’t be busy and must difficulty to go there.Via handphone,you also can enjoy museum content.

Is “On The Go” museum,digital museum is first time know for handphone customers.”On The Go” museum prepare various history object file can appear,listen or download.At it be found various picture,sound record,music and video is ready to download to handphone.

Special catalog is there form union with famous international museums like Kunsthistorisches museum,Leopold museum,Sigmund Freud museum,Austrian Mediathek,Erich Lessing Archive (Vienna), Museum of Natural History (Austria),sound archive from Humboldt University (Germany), and national sound archive in the Jerussalem,Israel.This digital museum also complete with information background,newsletters and show news is up to date in the Germany and England.

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Handphone Kill Bee?

Several year ago maybe we can’t enjoy a honey sweet.”Commotion handphone radiation,total colony bee be decrease”,like that say scientist.Even there are also guess it can cause harvest foal.Mentioned rizet become new theory impack handphone radiation and gadget tool others for answer one from many peculliar mystery can happen in the nature like decreased be on big total in a manner suddenly.

Bee expert chassify this phenomena begin from AS,then to Europe sehlf,and now ready happen in the England.In a manner theory,handphone radiation result in disturb system bee navigation,so that bee difficult for find home’s again.Certainly hear immposible,now also not yet a proof to streng then it.

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD),happened when a group bee in a hoe suddenly disappear,and left only a queen bee,egg and some labour bee is not yet adult.Adult bees more find die far from home’s.Peculliar parasite,wild animals and other bee is usually in vade honey and flower essence leave,parry approach home’s a ready leave.

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Biometry,Savety Technology Future

Technology biometry is capabie to know man past dactyloscopy,eyes,or special character past of body other now more society.Get support price factor more within reach and can turn on many sector,this technology drug password as enter door have weakness.Biometry from Greece language,bios(life) and metron(measure).This is study about method automatic for to know man based on one or more part of body,even conduct man it alone.

On the world information technology,biometry suitable with technology the function for analyza physical and conduct man for autentification.Example in identification physical man with identification dactyloscopy,retina,iris,design face,signature,up to typing patterns.Now ready more company use biometry as opening access enter to office room,laboratory,and labour absent.Application this technology can example like when you give admission stub to office or access to computer using identifier dactyloscopy,along keep taking money from ATM can identifier eyes for know that you is valid owner the money.

Also capabie identification your self on the bank via telephone,with using voice recognition,or check in for flighting with past camera in the airport to know you as customer passenger.In the future,biometry technology will resemble phenomena computer then become part from need life every day.

All work process in the office,as accountancy activity,prohobotion manufacture,offer contract signature,and more other situation analyza with involving biometry technology.Identify self technology it now true identification owner physical,not only password.

For autentification,biometry must more earlier input on database a system.Dactyloscopy biometry some body only will function when dactyloscopy people mentioned ready input in the database,so that system can identify.

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